Friday, August 29, 2014


Before the week ends, i visited Frankie’s, the award winning Italian restaurant located in the JBR Walk Marina, to try their Surprise Menu – a selection of dishes prepared on the spot by the chefs for each diner based on their individual tastes and preferences. Launched last 12th of August, and its a overwhelming dining experience to meet Executive Head Chef Fabio Nompleggio that certainly keep my hands-down with the finest selection of menu he prepared for me that night, he knows exactly what i am craving for. 

Frankie’s Bar and Grill is an Italian restaurant concept created by Marco Pierre White, one of the youngest chefs to ever win three Michelin stars and Frankie Dettori, the world famous jockey, Incredible collaboration from both talented individuals the reason why its Award-Winning. 

Fancy vibrant atmosphere, classic with a modern twist to it, you will definitely have a delightful night while having sumptuous delicacies prepared to you, while listening with your favorite ballad and acoustic hits perfumed by this two dope dapper gentlemen.

Executive Head Chef Fabio Nompleggio, designing unique menus with outrageous culinary arts 

This bunch of different kind of bread are literally filled my tummy already and need to set it aside for the main course and dessert, and i haven't even started yet. But no regret they are so amazing with the selection of spread.
So refreshing mock-tail mixtures of different grapes with a little kick, partner with that is this Salmone affumicato in casa, vegetali di stagione, mayonnaise all' arancio Smoke salmon, seasonal veggies, orange mayonnaise what a impeccable way to start. 
I also had Agnolotto ripieno di parmigiano invecchiato, maggiorana, funghi porcini e tartufo nero Homemade agnolotti pasta filled with aged parmesan, marjoram, porcini mushroom and black truffle overwhelming taste,  the moment you cut the pasta and the melted parmesan releases the aroma that makes you want for more.  
For my second glass of refreshment is this citrus drink that has green apple slice on it, just wait and see what will i have for the last.
For my main course, Cacciucco di pesce del mediteraneo con bruschetta di pane all' aglio Traditional Italian seafood stew served with bruschetta garlic bread mouth-watering dish that is definitely worth a try, Honestly I am not a big fan of sea shells, squid and octopus but when i saw this, my jaw just literally fell-down and the smell is just heaven, what more if you taste it? 

Meet Steve, the most amazing bartender i have met and I'm telling you he is just a pro. For my last drink that he mix is incredibly awesome, the mixture of orange with chocolate are superb. 

Save for last, Stera al cioccolato con mousse di mango Chocolate sphere with mango mousse completed my life, there's no words for this, stunning sumptuous dessert that i have ever tried in my whole life. Bravo Chef Pavio!!!

Frankie’s Bar and Grill Italian Restaurant Team 
Overwhelmed and much loved, I owe this guys big time, World-class outstanding customer service. Massive thanks for giving a impeccable night of my life Ms. Nakul Berry and the team of Frankie's Bar & Grill Dubai
Executive Chef Fabio Nompleggio and General Manager Angelo Varveri 

Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill is located on the Ground Floor of Oasis Beach Tower, Jumeirah Beach Residence and is open every day from 5:30pm until 2:00am. 

For reservations or enquiries please contact Frankie’s directly on +971 (4) 3994311 or email 

Twitter and Instagram: @FrankiesDubai 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 I've been living in UAE for almost 5 years now, and absolutely loving it. Adapted some of the cultures and traditions. Fascinated by the grandiose lifestyle that the City has to offer, beyond that the local heritage and modern era collides which is absolutely amazing how the People embrace it. 

Many of the older Emirati men prefer wearing the traditional Emirati clothes, such as the kandoora, an ankle-length white shirt woven from wool or cotton while many local women wear an abaya, a black over-garment covering most parts of the body. On an average a UAE male national would have up to 50 kanduras as they keep changing their clothing to ensure the dress being kept clean. This attire is particularly well-suited for the UAE's hot and dry climate. 
 Western-style clothing is also fairly popular, especially among the Emirati youth. Matching with their traditional dresses are footwear's that has unique style and design, in this modern age we calling it the sandals and there's one name in the heart of The Dubai Mall, Level Shoe District.

TAMASHEE, inspired by the Arabic words for walking and compatibility. Evolves traditional Arabian footwear to a fashionable product that appeals to you. They want you to look cool, to be unique and make sure you stand out! That’s why they created a footwear canvas that revolves around design and quality. They travel around the World to collaborate with the finest designers, pattern drafters and manufacturers of Europe and the Middle East. Through this colorful collaboration, the Tamashee brand came to life. 
 The Tamashee team has modernized a traditional sandal to make it compatible with today’s world, compatible with all dress types and simultaneously supporting a social cause that encourages compatibility. 
 The traditional vibes to it with a little twist in terms of different designs and colors are just irrevocably intertwined.  
 Adding Swarovski crystals and pearls to it, a touch of luxury indeed and gave more femininity, perfect for ladies who wanted to be comfy and stylishly savvy chic. 

 Not your ordinary pair of flat-forms, sandals, slippers or whatever you call it, Tamashee is not just a footwear, it represent the culture, preserves identity and living the beauty of colors in every aspect of life.  
 Built with pride and integrity, creativity and passion that is why its stands-out among the rest. Its been a great pleasure to meet the talented team behind Tamashee, no words can express how humbled I am to be part of their advocacy on preserving the culture and everything involves the identity of the City where I am right now.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


 Finally the wait is over, The Roland Mouret for Banana Republic launch at The Dubai Mall last Thursday, 21st of August. A wide selection of stunning pieces out for grabs, what are you waiting for Dubai Savvy Ladies? While everybody are going crazy grabbing their favorite pieces, my self and Andy staring the gorgeous models wearing some of the collection. 
Banana Republic and celebrated designer Roland Mouret are pleased to announce the Roland Mouret for Banana Republic Collection – a limited-edition, covetable capsule highlighting Mouret’s keen understanding of fit and the female form through the use of Banana Republic’s signature Sloan fabric. Banana Republic’s Sloan Collection of dresses, skirts and pants has gained acclaim for the use of contour stretch fabric. 

Photo credit to
Mika Ashraf, Dee Mohamud, Cristina Linaza and Andrew Scott  

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Photography by Mark Ross  

What i wore: Suit (H&M), Shirt (AEO), Pocket Square&Menvelope (Zara), Sunglasses (H.E. by Mango), Timepiece (GUESS), Shoes (ICONIC

It was a bright sunny day in Dubai, and was invited at the H&M Studio AW14 launch at the Media One Hotel, just right next to my workplace. Had my lunch break and sneak in to the studio to see the impeccable collection, and was fortunate that this time they have wide selection of Men's Wear Collection, see the full blog here>>> 

In my office attire, wearing my Navy Blue Double Breasted Blazer rolled-up to look more casual but dapper as usual, looking so fresh with this linen tropical hawaiian shirt that matches my white pocket square with blue lining detail, Navy and Brown are always so good together lately I've been portering around different shades of blue, the tassel loafers matches with my menvelope, such a stunner. Finishes it off with my Guess Watches timepiece and tortoise shell sunnies. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Autumn- Winter is the best time bring out that stylish heavy texture clothing item in your wardrobe, and time for that layering session in front of your mirror, the time to showcase your styling skills. Yes, we are in Dubai and literally we don't experience that long winter season, but we still enjoy this kind of creativeness, and H&M has all of the key pieces to spices up your closet, as they launch their AW14 collection in the H&M Studio at the Media One Hotel, Dubai last Tuesday, 19th of August'14 

For men, Autumn 2014 is about the wardrobe of the modern mod, mixing Parisian cool with the attitude of London and the sleekness of New York. The pieces are worn with a rebellious attitude, with updated biker and wool city coats. The collection will be sold worldwide and online from September.
“This look is straight from the city - an urban silhouette where the key details are in the pieces themselves. The zips of the biker jacket, the cut of the city coat, the stitching of the leather trousers all define the season,” says Andreas Löwenstam, H&M’s head menswear designer.

- Leather adds rock’n’roll spirit, from a black leather biker to leather trousers, while classics have new youthful energy, especially the check flannel shirt worn untucked.
- Staples are given a fresh update, such as the elongated bomber that extends to mid-thigh. Padded outdoor pieces add a sense of urban protection, while zips add sharp detail.
- The three-button blazer with skinny lapels works everywhere, from day to night.
- Crewneck sweaters in mohair blends add a contrasting texture, while tailored track pants are the trouser choice.
- Leather for the new urban outlook.
- Wool for 21st century updates traditional garments.
- Cotton for the sharpest shirts.
- Nylon and padded fabrics for future-now feel.
- Mohair blends for texture.
Zips as both functional and decorative items, traditional tailoring techniques, such as jet or welt pockets, hybrid garments fuse together the classics of menswear.
A strict colour palette for the city, focused on black, greys and whites.
Wool coat, biker jacket, elongated bomber jacket, white shirt, check flannel shirt, reinvented crewneck, tailored track pants, leather trousers.

 I absolutely hype all the pieces from the collection, as usual. From a Dapper Gentlemen to Rocker Up-town Guy, impeccable detailing from the moto-leather pants, boots and the transition to well-made blazers and dress shirts down to black brogues are just simply worth waiting for until September 04, of this year till it hit the online and Worldwide stores. 

While browsing the magnificent collection, got the time to mingle with my favorite PR's and Dubai Based Fashion Bloggers, since I just moved to the busiest city in the UAE (finally!)

with Ayman Fakousa of The Qode, Elif Okten of H&M Middle East and Andy Scott of AndyScottFashion Blog 

with uber gorgeous Sam Francis of Style Is Necessity
Double Dapper Male Bogger

with Elif and Karin 

with the stunning Kat Lebrasse of 

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